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    To all of you who have an interest in the technical performance of bows.
    I just found this on “YouTube”, first time I saw it.
    It’s a machine used by PSE to determine nock travel.
    I designed and built a nock travel machine last year to evaluate many 2007 bows on the market and published my data on the AT forum.
    PSE has been doing the same for their bows (probably for a long time) and probably competitors bows as well.
    Its just that I have not seen any comparative results before on the forums. I intend to check the 2008 bows soon and put those results on the forums as well. The data has explained to me and others why some bows “tune” differently than others with the same draw weight, draw length and similar advertised IBO speeds.
    Being retired I have time and allot of fun doing this during the slow winter period. If anyone has any ideas on what other data may be of interest please get back to me.