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    Hi, my attention has recently been drawn to archery and i am interested in starting target shooting. however i cannot find a good website/source to begin learning. i am curious as to what type of bow i would/should start with, along with potential costs? i live in canada, and in my town there isnt a lot of shops which cater to archery. any help would be greatly appreciated.
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    I recently got back into archery, after a long absence.
    Most of the shops around here are mainly concerned with hunting, not target shooting, which makes it tough to get good advice. This forum has been a big help so-far.
    First, you need to decide how much you want to spend for bow, arrows, etc.
    Get a copy of the "Archers Bible," a catalouge that has just about every kind of bow you could imagine.
    INMO, you're gonna spend $5-700 for a compound or stick bow, and $65 for a dozen arrows.
    Then there is the sight ($50-250), arrow rest ($20-100), release ($20-100), and a target ($20-100).
    These are all US dollars.
    A really complete book is "Archery, Steps to Success" by Kathleen M. Haywood & Catherine F. Lewis, published by Human Kinetics.
    The website is, and their Canadian email is [email protected].
    Hope this helps.

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    And depending on what kind of shooting you want to do, you won't need the rest or the sight or the release :D

    The target, bow and arrows are still somewhat necessary ;)
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    Check out all the different manufacturers web site. I just started in February and shoot a Martin compound. I absolutely love the bow and very blessed to have a great archery shop (and owner) in my area. Here is a plug for R & C Archery in Clute, Tx.
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    RE:target shooting

    Although I shoot a compound, all recuves feel the same to me, assuming they are set at the same weight. For target shooting, I would recommend a PSE Optima(around $250), and if you really want to get serious, try a Martin Aroura(around $800). Check them out at and I would suggest testing them out at a local pro shop first, then you can look on the internet for prices. A good web site for target shooting is Of course, these are only American prices.

    *Here are a few books you should also check out.
    Archer's Digest,Rick Sapp
    Precision Archery,Steve Ruiz & Claudia Stevenson
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