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    If you are bowhunter in North Carolina, you are full aware that bowhunting is illegal during the muzzle loading season. My opinion is that this old law needs to be changed. At least on private lands.

    There is a survey being taken where you can vote on this issue. Please take the time to read this survey info and respond. You do not have to be a member of the North Carolina Bowhunters Association to participate in the survey. But, I would ask that only those who bowhunt in NC participate.

    Feel free to pm or email me if have questions. Thank You.

    Here is the survey info:

    BOWHUNTER SURVEY (December 2005)

    This SURVEY was first sent out in 2002 to get an idea of how bowhunters feel about the current regulation that prohibits bowhunting during muzzle-loader season in N.C. We are sending it out again to get a “snapshot” of your opinion on this issue NOW that will serve to validate the results of the earlier survey. Please take a minute to respond to this survey by choosing either option “A” or “B” as listed below.
    ************************************************** ****************************
    Every year about this time.. we get a flurry of inquiries in reference to "WHY" the NCWRC rules prohibits bowhunting during the Muzzle-Loading (Black Powder) season..!! So, we solicit your opinion on this subject and ask that you take a moment to reply to this survey by email at: [email protected] or US Mail to: NCBA Survey; 7796 NC 68; Stokesdale, NC 27357. (*You may receive this survey more than once.. We apologize if you do! Please reply ONLY ONCE.. Thank You!)

    Please identify yourself by name, in order to validate the results and assure that one person is responding for only that ONE person. Adding your phone number is optional, but we’d like to have it in case we want to call you for a clarification of your comments.

    Depending on the volume of response, and findings of this survey, the NCBA Executive Council may consider this topic as a future issue to again bring before the NC Wildlife Resources Commission for their consideration. WE encourage YOU to respond to this survey as soon as you get it..

    Choose either option "A"; or option "B" from the list below.... If you wish to make brief comments, please feel free to do so:

    This is an objective survey. We want your personal, honest opinion on this matter so we will know how best to represent NCBA membership and bowhunters of N.C. in general when elected to office. Please take a minute and respond to this survey either via email or U.S. Mail.

    Thank You,
    Ramon Bell Mickey Strader JR Stone Cody Reed
    Candidates for: NCBA President Vice President Sec/Treas. Editor

    "OPTION A"= I prefer that the rule remains the same. That is, that bowhunting is NOT allowed during the weeklong Muzzle-Loader (Black Powder) seasons statewide.

    "OPTION B"= I prefer the rule be changed to allow bowhunting during Muzzle-Loading (Black Powder) seasons. (*This should be allowed, AT LEAST, on PRIVATE LANDS that I own, lease, or have legal permission to hunt upon.)


    "Please" pass (Forward) this survey onto your bowhunting friends that may or may not be a NCBA member, but does Bowhunt and Muzzle Loader hunt.

    Please NOTE if you ARE, (or ARE NOT) a NCBA member in your reply. If not, consider joining our ranks to help us in our efforts to support and preserve your bowhunting privileges in N.C.