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Discussion in 'General Archery Forum' started by ridgewalker243, Oct 4, 2007.

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    Well this past month I had to put a new string and cable on my mathews FX. The guy that put them on I thought he new what he was doing but I guess not. When I got it back the cam was under rotated so I pulled the cable and checked the length. It was 3/8" to long. I don't know how much this affects it but I twisted the cable to get it to the right length. Was this alright to do or should it of been the right length to begin with. I can't seem to get it shooting the way it was before and its very frustrating. I had my field points shooting alright but when I put my muzzy's on the where flying all over the place. I have been shooting muzzy's for several years and they always have shot great. So I believe that my bow is still out of tune or something wrong with the cable. Any suggestions???
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    Strings is one thing i don't know much about...but i do twist my strings on my bows to keep them in spec now and than.Several on here that can help you though.

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    Check your knock point...when you twisted up the string I bet you changed the knock point just enough to mess up broadhead flight. you might have to retune for broadheads to get them flying with field tips.
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    What Gator siad, to a point. When the string and cable were replaced did you retune the bow or shoot it? Certainly when you twisted the cable it changed the nock location. It also changed the draw length and the draw weight of the bow.

    I suggest you find out from Mathews' site what the specs are for your bow. Then do some twisting to get the specs right. Then do a complete retune job from there. In other words, start from scratch.

    In answer to your other question about the cable length. 3/8" is a lot, but how many twists were in it to start with. If they are made right they should have about one twist per each 1 1/2" of length. That's why a lot of factory strings creep and have peep rotation problems. They aren't made with enough twists in the first place.