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Discussion in 'Bowhunting forum' started by ridgewalker243, Nov 9, 2007.

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    Got back from Stueben county NY last Sunday. My hunting trip didn't go like I hoped it would. The first morning looked promising I seen 2 four points and I didn't even do any scouting. The next few days didn't amount to anything. I didn't even see a deer in any of my stands. My scouting efforts didn't show any promise of any big boys. I went out with my brother every night spot lighting and we couldn't even find a decent buck that way. I don't know where they all went to but we couldn't find them. I mean between my brother and I we covered some major ground. Wednesday morning came around and I was finally looking forward this one spot I found. I ended up seeing a spike, 4 point, and a small scrubby 8. The next few days I struggled with wind direction and people cutting wood near my stand. Friday morning my brother whacked a nice 6 point. I seen another spike (3rd one that week). Saturday came around I went back to the spot I saw the three bucks. Well I saw 2 bucks this time but both where 4 points. Saturday night and Sunday morning didn't do anything for me either. Well I was very disappointed. Well I guess thats what I get for having such high expectations. The past 3 years I have gone down for 4 days or just the weekend and had a chances at good bucks. I don't know maybe it just wasn't my year for NY bow hunting. Well Vermont rifle opener is tomorrow so hopefully things will change.
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    Don't get discouraged! I shot my deer the last three years within three days of starting hunting. This year I have yet to see a buck. there is only one thing thats certain in bowhunting and thats "Nothing is a sure thing".

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    Same here on tha bucks
    found a promsin place this afternoon a rub tha my thumb and index finger lacked 1.5 in touchin and was 4 feet high.

    BUNNYMAN I pray for you!


    yeah Ulster county sucks pretty bad right now also.......just because I am not hunting w/the bow right now, does not mean I am not out looking for when Regular Season starts.....I am seeing NO DEER......and NO SIGN.....:noidea:
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    Have ya been lookin under any trampolines that seems to be where there hangin out these days....:noidea: