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Discussion in 'General Archery Forum' started by Jay Are, Jun 2, 2006.

  1. Jay Are

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    The Archery Club I belong to hosts a 3D shoot every month and at every shoot we have a novelty shoot. Our normal shot is a balloon, which is at 60-70 yards; the prize is usually a meat tray. ($5 for the first three shots / $1 for every shot after)
    It seems after awhile people loose interest in shooting balloons every month.
    I was wonder if I could get some feedback on the types of Novelty shoots everyone enjoy doing? What can our club do better to keep novelty shoots interesting?
  2. 12ring4me

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    At our club, when we have a novelty shoot, we put up a 3" stick on orange dot on the back stop and stand about 85 yards. We charge $ 1.00 for 3 shots. Then at the end of the novelty shoot, whomever is closest gets all of the money from the entrants for the novelty shoot. This way it is cheaper to shoot it and you dont have to charge enough to make up for the cost of the meat tray. Your members could now spend $ 5.00 dollars and get 15 shots at the target. People can get jittery when they have to shoot long distances with a $ 10.00 arrow, things can go wrong (i.e. hitting the wood frames on the backstops:doh: ) been there and done that. You have to make it enticing for the shooters. So maybe drop the price and make the reward the money, you will get more to shoot it and they will not lose interest.:rockon:

  3. 3dhunter

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    clay pigeon

    I believe the one I use is 2". Set at 50 yards, bowhunter equipment only. Paint the center whatever color is good for you at 50, I use Orange.
    $3.00 three shot, winner breaks it in the Orange, no exceptions. Run two or three different times, with the winners putting in another $5.00 for 5 shots, closest or who ever breaks it most takes it. I keep a few spares just in case.
  4. brokenarrow

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    One of the clubs in my area would take an old 3d target. One time it was a standing buck, another time a walking bear, and so on. They set it at 100 yards and would put a white index card with a 1/2" dot drawn in the center over the 10 ring. they got $1 a shot and you would write your name on the back of the card and at the end whoever got closest to the dot got half the pot. It was alot of fun. Another club would shoot ping pong balls off of golf tees at 20 yds, $1 for 3 shots but the money went to the club it was just for the fun of killin' ping pong balls:rockon: .

    hope this helped.