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    Ok... here we go....

    1. Can upgrade my limbs or cams on a PSE XLD 900?
    2. What is the rope loop by the stabalizer on the bow for? (not the release loop)
    3. how do i know what kind of stablizer i need and if i need the weights that go on the limbs?
    4. best weight for taget shooting?
    5. Whats a machine riser?
    6. cheap and efftive target ideas?

    Thanks For the Help!
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    :welcome: :welcome: I can help you with some of your questions.When you pick up your bow to shoot put your hand through the looop and grap the bow as normal. When you get the bow back to shoot, relax your grip on the bow. When you release the arrow the loop will prevent the bow from falling. The proper grip is a subject all it's own, but that's the idea behind the loop. The riser is the part of the bow that you hold on to. The limbs are attached to it at each end. They are normally cut out of a solid hunk of alluminum. They use milling MACHINES in the MACHINE shop. So it's called a machined riser. I'm not sure, but I would assume the cheaper bows are probable made by pouring liquid metal into a mold. Glad to help with what I could. And:welcome:

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    Geez, you really are a Newbie.

    I'll try to answer some.

    2. I think you mean the wrist sling. It should be loosly looped over the wrist. When you aim and shoot, your hand should be relaxed, with fingers open and loose, and the palm, wrist/ forearm rotated slightly downward. No "Death Grip" on the handle, O.K.? Position the handle on your hand so that it is pulled against the web of you hand, between the Thumb and Index. If you consistently position your hand, that will prevent left/right spreads to your shot groups.

    3. Get a Sims S-Coil. It will be fine for you. The "Weights" on the limbs, I think you mean "Limbsavers". They, and a Stab, help dissipate vibration and shock on release.

    4. A "Machined Riser" is machined from a block of Aluminum. It is strong, and relieved out (holes cut) to save weight. Same idea as the ribs in a airplane wing. A "Cast riser" is just that. It's heavier, and arguably not as strong, especially in the long run. "Cast" is also much cheaper to make and buy, for a reason.

    5. Get a good bag type target to start.

    Develop relationships with a local Archery Pro Shop, and Archery Club. They will be valuable sorces of informatiion and expertise.

    Good Luck, and "Welcome Aboard" 3Dshoots.com
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    correct on all above. you cant get up graded limbs unless you can find some one that has a different poundage set there selling in the classifieds. I know finding parts for that bow is going to be next to impossible. But you may get lucky. I would get your bow lubed and tuned. Have a pro-shop go through it and inspect it for any serious wear or cracks. I'd have the strings and cables replaced. Also get a loop set up and a peep. Paying for some shooting classes at your pro shop would be a good idea. Depending on what your intent is on this bow? hunting or target you might wnat to look at a long stabilizer for better over all balance. Those 900's are pretty heavy on the back end. Get some even weight across the front of the stabilizer to better balance it out. www.jimposten.com. check jim out for a stabilizer. excellent and lower in price than most high end stabs. Also might want to look down the road at a sight with a lens if your using it for target shooting. A good release helps too. Tru-Ball makes excellent releases for any application.
    Good luck. I'd get a decent bag target and set it up in your basement or outside. So you can practice once you get he fundementals down.
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    First of all welcome to the site.:welcome: :welcome: :welcome:

    I agree with all the above and want to add an informative site to go to and it might help out also. When you get this site go to the "Technical Help" section and read the various articles.


    Ask away and keep shooting. Also fill out the profile area and let us know about you.