observing tha Sabbath

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    Here are the two most precious in my life enjoying Sunday afternoon:hug:
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    Not many better ways to spend a Sunday, especially if it's rainy!

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    OUTSTANDING PICTURE. Almost looks like a Norman Rockwell painting. I would have that blown up and save it. It would also make a good desktop for your computer.:rockon: :rockon: :rockon:
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    I had to put one in of my nephew. He is on the 2nd tour and I Include the letter from him. I have to apologize for the one "bad" word.


    Once again, thanks to all for the packages, letters, emails and all the other help. It has made a deployment that is at times tedious, frustrating, tiring and stressful much more enjoyable and much more pleasant. My thanks. If you are in St. Louis this summer, probably some time in August please mark down on your calendars that you will be welcome to a party when I finally get back on block leave.

    Since the fighting at the end of march, early april we have seen a dramatic downturn in ENY activity once again. Moreover, the degree to which we have taken it to the enemy have really stimulated the local national information networks...for the last couple of weeks many locals have come forward to guide us to caches, safehouses and give us tips about surviving enemy whereabouts. a lot of the heretofore marginally effective iraqi units have become empowered and are doing a pretty good job themselves in some areas including detaining more people, finding weapons and setting up effective stings... the enemy is off-balance and reeling....moktada al sadr, for all his bluster I think realizes that politically, if he started another uprising, and it was soundly defeated (again) he would a) alienate a lot of the moderate shiites who are tired of having their neighborhoods turned into shooting galleries and b) lose a lot more in material and resources and manpower. The outside issue on a strategic level is how much does moktada actually control and how much is he a puppet of the iranian government. Iran 's insidious and malevolent hand is seen in a lot of what we find. **** Iran .

    Anyway, they have given us a pretty solid heads-up on when we might be coming home. It looks like we will start doing the transfer of battlespace with our replacement unit in mid june and arrive home by mid july sometime.

    TO THAT END: A moratorium on all the great care packages will have to start on 15 MAY. That is because it takes anywhwere from 10 days to 20 days for packages to arrive depending on major route status, convoy priority and other various minutae I cant put on unclassified communications...We will be leaving our current FOB towards the middle/end of june and spend a couple weeks in kuwait and then come home. Please pass this on to all pertinent parties.

    I am enclosing a picture I took when we were helping an Iraqi patrol organize themselves for a combat patrol on the back of one our big trucks.

    Thanks again everybody. It has meant more than you all will ever realize.

    Stay Cool and GO CARDS
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    AWESOME pic there Smokes...........................you need to make the queen a fire.:noidea:

    BUNNYMAN I pray for you!

    when the nap started, Spanky was sleeping in the B's lap, BUT he is a recliner hog, and she booted him to the floor.....:lol:
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    thats actually the way I enjoy spending Sunday morning. :lol:

    Say around 9 or 10 am? :bored: