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    Here is the official details for the indoor shoot at Capital Archery.If you have any questions feel free to pm me or call me at 248-342-7083.

    Shootout at Capital Archery!
    February 2, 2008

    Sponsored by:
    Capital Archery
    Wolfden Bowstrings
    Posten Stabilizers
    Sling Braid Custom Slings
    Battle Drum Custom Arrow Wraps

    Money Shoot
    Guaranteed Payback First 4 places Plus free Set of Strings,Posten Stabilizer, Sling Braid Custom Sling and Battle Drum arrow wraps to the Winner!
    Bring what you got, no classes or divisions

    Entry Fee: $15.00

    Two Shooting Times: 10am and 2:30pm
    150 Round NFAA 5 Spot/300 Round Vegas
    Combination score of 450 Total

    Contact: Wolfden Bowstrings 248-342-7083
    Location: Capitol Archery
    24536 Capitol Redford, Mich