Ohio/Indiana shoots this weekend.

Discussion in 'Tournament Discussions' started by camoham, Apr 16, 2008.

  1. camoham

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    just thought id throw these 2 clubs/shoots out in case anyone wanted to shoot 3D this weekend.

    date of shoots 4-20-08 (this coming Sunday).

    *There will be a shoot hosted by Indian Trails Archery club.
    -Location of shoot will be at Hueston Woods (i assume at the Acton picnic area/archery range).

    *There will be a shoot Hosted by the Union County Archers.
    -Location of shoot will be in Liberty, IN (south mount pleasant rd off of 44).

    *Both sites are pretty good courses.

    *Depending on weather............might want to bring along a pair of rubber boots in case.

    I'm not affiliated with either of these clubs, just know that they're good shoots.

  2. dbdcougar

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    2 People have told me how good Nancy' Broken Arrow shoot is (located by Quincy, IN) so we're going to try it out on Sunday if we can stay dry.