Ok, Who wants to talk to a TOTAL beginner?

Discussion in 'Beginners Archery Range' started by Bilbo(w), Apr 14, 2005.

  1. Bilbo(w)

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    I'm interested in learning about archery as a hobby. I used to target shoot with pistols, but it lost it's appeal. I am interested in the physical aspects of archery- breathing, concetration, etc. I think it's almost meditative.
    I've got one gun left- a nice old Mossberg 500 that I'm seriously considering trading in at the local pawn shop for one of the bows I saw there. BUT, they only have compound bows.
    If I tried to start with that, would I hate life?
    What do beginnners typically start with?
    What are the merits of Recurve vs other types?
    What kind of things should I look for in buying a bow?
    I'm 6'4", have long reach and pretty strong. What's a good weight to work with? What about strings & arrows? Cost, durability, etc.
    There's an archery range that I'm probably going to go check out on Saturday and ask questions, but I want to get as many sources of info as possible.
    I'm open to any advice.
    Thanks! :confused:
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    Bilbo, you should check out http://www.huntersfriend.com/bowselection.htm
    to tell you all you need to know about bows. I'm open to all your questions. Just PM me and I'll see if I can help. As for your bow weight question, I would look for an archery shop in your area to test out bows before you decide on one.

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    help a beginner

    my advice would be to go to a pro shop that has a various amount of recurves to choose from. if recurves are what you want? ask the shop to let you shoot as many as you can. dont let a sales staff sell you on a particular bow cause of brand name or its price. after you shoot a few. you will be able to feel out the one you like the best. then see if you can afford it. its better to save money for a bow you like. if funds arent there. than buy a bow you dont like cause its in your price range. just some info. for ya!!!
    GOOD LUCK!!!!!
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    hey Bilbo
    Welcome to the sport.I have recently gotten into archery and have gone through what you are about to go through.Good advise above,hunters friend is one of the best information resources.I started out with recurve but soon realized compound was for me.My first compound was an inexpensive Browning which I became quite good with but you now how it is,after a year I wanted something better.This is were things start getting expensive,but by the time I was ready to move up I had a lot more knowlege and archery friends to help with choses.Anyways 2500.00 later I am all set(better shooting through aggresive spending) :D My best advise is to not sweat about the best strings,arrow rests etc.untill later and to hook-up with a good local pro shop.Oh and also tell us what bow the pawn shop is selling.It might be a dog or a good one but I'd be real careful buying a compound bow any where but a pro shop.
    regards heavy dart.
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    Hey Bilbo,

    There are alot of us that can probalby be considered biginners here, and good for us, there are alot of people here that are more than willing to give us great information. I've been shooting a compound bow for a couple of years now, and just recently bought my own bow this year. (was using a friends that had the same draw length I have) Cost is the biggest part, but you can get started without breaking the bank. I agree with everyone when they say find a good pro shop, they are really helpful, and can answer any questions you may have. I got started with around $500.00 fully set up, arrows and all, it was actually less, but i went back and got a better stabalizer, and a quiver. There is an endless array of equiptment out there. Get the set up your most comfortable with, and get out on the range! Practice makes perfect! Good shooting!
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    Find a good pro shop, this is the best advice given bar none.

    I just purchased my first bow today. I found what appears to be a great pro shop, and the staff was awesome. I ended up buying a used custom compound bow for $250.00 and ended up spending just over $500.00 for accessories, and arrows.

    Joel (the local pro) showed me a good variety of bows, and let me fire four before I chose my bow, and as soon as the bow is tuned up, and accessorised, he will teach me aiming, and proper care of my new bow.