Old Clem and the warden.

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    Old Clem had always kind of egnored the game laws and the warden was watching him closely.

    The openining of Bucks only Clem brings in a nice doe which the warden confiscates with a warning.

    Durring blackpowder old Clem brins in a bow shot deer and again the warden takes it with a sterner warning that any more mistakes would land him in the can for 30 days!

    Well rifle season comes and the warden is watching for the old bugger and sure enough here he comes with this big 8 buck shot right betwixt the eyes and his owt six in hand.

    The warden says clem I'm proud of you , you have the right sex deer in the right season with the correct weapon! I just have to ask one thing why is there a hole in each of his front hoofs?

    Old Clem looks at the warden and says

    That's where he was covering his eyes from my flashlite! Clem should be out by Christmas.
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    :laugh: Was he using the flashlight for a stabalizer???:noidea: :laugh: