Old Glory Sight Question??

Discussion in 'General Archery Forum' started by Jeff Brown, Feb 23, 2006.

  1. Jeff Brown

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    I have a 2006 Bowtech Old Glory. I have Trophy Ridge Guide Matrix sights on this bow. I am also shooting a whisker biscuit rest. I had read somewhere yesterday that the Matrix sites (wrapped fiber on bottom of site) on certain bows will actually get in the way of arrow flight during the shot. I took a look at my bow last night and it looks if I was to shoot it that the arrow fletchings would hit the plastic pieces on the bottom of the site. I have not shot this bow yet with this site as I am going to purchase new arrows this weekend. This is a brand new bow and I am trying to get it set up, but I am little concerned about my site choice. Anyone have a similar problem?

    I have looked at some other sites and I am looking to possibly exchange these sites for some others. I have looked at copper john and I didn't care for the brightness of the pins. I have also had cobra sites and they move too much after a few shots. I looked at Toxonics and the fiber looks like it could snag on something pretty easy. I am looking for something bright, very durable that doesn't have exposed fiber optic. I know this is like wishing for the best of both worlds. I have looked at Spot Hogg, but I am a little concerned about the brightness of the pins. I have also read some posts on how to brighten the pins on these sites, but I don't know if I want to go through all the trouble to do this. Give me your opinions on what sites you use and why you like them. Thanks,

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    I help out at a local bowtech dealer and the old glory is one of my favorite bows, you will be very happy. Now for the fiber on the matrix, this is a problem on many bows, not just bowtechs. I have seen where guys shoot a lot and do not pay attention and have actually had their vanes break the fiber opticon the sight. Nothing against Trophy ridge products,we sell many of them but for this situation may I recomend a vital bow gear trapper series.this sight also has the vertical pins and each pin has 3 feet of fiber on it. I think you will also like that the whole sight is aluminum, and very durable. Right now i shoot one of these very sights on my 3d bow. or trophy ridge has other models that are simular but the fiber is loose at the top and not at the bottom. take a look at the trophy ridge rhino. hope this helped.

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    Jeff, I am totally convinced that there is "NO" sight brighter than the Viper Pro Predator sight, no light need for these. Makes for a good hunting and 3D sight. Check out their website http://www.viperarcheryproducts.com and then go to the 3dshoots.com store and buy it. You won't find them cheaper anywhere else.:rockon:

    When your done with all that,check us out at Missouriwhitetails.com

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