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    I have my dad's old recurve bow that he hunted with back in the late 50's and throuh the late 60's. My question is he put some electric tape on it many many years ago to hold a spring type arrow rest on instead of shooting off the shelf. What can I use to get this off the bow without hurting the finish. I would guess that the tape has been on there for close to 40 years. Now that dad is home with the lord I want to get this bow cleaned up. It means a lot to me and I dont want to damage it. Any info would be greatly appreciated.

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    Removing Old Electrical Tape

    That bow will be a great keepsake of your Dad's memory. Give some thought to keeping it the way he used it.

    I would set this job aside until I had enough time to do it slowly and not mess it up. I would get a tweezers, scissors, Q-tips and a small bottle of "Goo Gone" to remove the adhesive remnant. A small Exacto knife might come in handy too.

    Start unwinding the tape slowly. If it breaks, use the tweezers to lift up enough material to begin unwinding again. Be very careful not to cut too deep with the Exacto blade if you use it.

    When all the fabric tape is off the bow, test the Goo Gone on the finish of the bow in an inconspicuous part of the bow to be sure it doesn't harm the finish. Just put a little on a Q-tip. Wait 24 hours to see if the finish changes. If not, use it sparingly with a Q-Tip to remove the remnant adhesive.

    Once the tape and adhesive is off the bow, consider waxing and buffing with a good furniture wax like Old English or a similar wax.

    Good luck!