Oneida bows - any thoughts

Discussion in 'General Archery Forum' started by Dooby, Jun 3, 2008.

  1. Dooby

    Dooby Scooby Dooby Doo!

    A guy at our club was going on about his Oneida this past weekend. I'm not bagging him on it...I think he SHOULD be proud of his gear!

    That said...other than looking like the spawn of a compound and a frisky do they perform? I know the top model is fairly pricey and I can't seem to spot the difference between the top model and the one below it.:noidea:

    Just satisfying my curiosity, here, so all opinions are appreciated.
  2. pred8er

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    Don't know too much about them other than when someone shoots one around me, I need to wear hearing protection. :tape:

  3. Cameron

    Cameron Senior Member

    They sound like a 22 going off.
  4. watt spurlock

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    A gentleman at our club had one a couple of years ago. I can't say that he was that accurate with it. I thought the design was a little goofy, but I will say that you can draw and hold it back until you fall asleep. He drew it back, and I was able to hold it back with my fingers. (like two fingers on each limb. I thought that was amazing, although it doesn't mean diddly.:noidea:
  5. kbohunt

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    Your gonna here more bad than good about that manufacture here.
    I owned one an Areo-Force X-80
    True some are loud but i put silencers on mine and you couldnt here it
    When they came out with 80% let-off they stated that they were the only True 80% and they were..thats why you could hold it back so long
    The reson i tryed one is because Dan Fitgerald use to use one in all his shows:lol:
    After getting it in about 10 years ago i realized ya had to be a bow tech. to keep the damb thing tuned.
    I killed a few deer and a russian Boar with it
    As for tournaments..I tryed but to much to keep in line.
    On a rateing aof bows about a 7 out of 10 for me.
    Sold mine last year..probably wouldnt get another.
    Just my thoughts:biggrin1:

    UPSTATE Member

    A few of my buddies owned them years ago (10 or so) and the major complaint was, as kbohunt mentioned, they tended to become inaccurate and needed to be messed with a lot. I personally saw strings break on 4 occasions durning 3d comps, once 2 weeks in a row on the same bow; Obviously a brand new string the second week. But that was a long time ago and I would imagine those issues have been addressed. All those guys got rid of them for conventional design and I didn't think the company was still in business.
  7. Dooby

    Dooby Scooby Dooby Doo!

    They are definitely still in business. The guy here showed me his, and even mentioned some of the points made here. He has one of the 2008 models.

    1. They replaced the little short cables with steel cables so they wouldn't break.
    2. They added little rubber tensors to the short cables to remove the .22 pop when you fire (apparently due to the bow limb tips cracking the sound barrier...though I'm not sure on that one). He also has cat whiskers on the string and it doesn't seem too loud, though he shoots a fairly heavy arrow. I think he said about 460+ grains with a 55-ish # bow.
    3. As for tuning...dunno on that one. He said it's easy to take apart and tune....though I'm like you guys. I think I'd rather just leave it alone and have it STAY in tune. (on a side note, it tickled me how he said he "super tunes" his bow by setting his tller heights properly). Somehow, I think Crackers does a little more than that.

    All said, he's a nice guy...shoots bare bow & fingers...and he hits the target with it. It's nice to see someone so proud of their gear. He didn't bag out ONE other brand...just said happy stuff about his gear!

    I just wanted to get more opinions on the bow...cause it's clear he'd be biased a bit...and I was curious how much.

    Please continue...I'm finding the info insightful. I never even knew these bows existed until about a month ago! :)
  8. aligator

    aligator Junior Member

    Do a search on this forum, Oneida. Lot of information. see photo of my new Pro Eagle.
  9. 2DollaHolla

    2DollaHolla New Member

    Back in the day

    I was only 13 years old or so when I had mine, but a lot of people at my club would comment on how quiet it was. Maybe they were blowing smoke up my rear or maybe not... all I had was cat whiskers on it.

    I'm a big person, even at 13 or 14 I was 6'2'' and 250 so I was pulling back 65-70lbs... so I don't think it was quiet due to a low draw weight.

    I recently watched a hunting show on VS. channel that referenced an Oneida and they commented upon the noise, but said that the speed it offers will counter the noise it gives off.

    But I guess that's for the speed techs to determine.
  10. Tenderfoot

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    I justs stumbled upon the cos website about a month ago and the first thing I said is "what the heck is that overengineered peice of greib-lookin junk?!"

    Ya'll are seconding my premonitions:lol:

    Why build a bow so weird with so many strings and peices when the simple and conventional works just fine. More parts=more breaking. The co has been around for a bit, so it's not like the newest greatest thing that hasen't gotten word out yet...they aren't very big for a reason, says I.
  11. pilot

    pilot Senior Member

    I like 'em for some reason....thinking about looking for the right deal on a used one once i learn more about them.

    BUNNYMAN I pray for you!

    once you learn more about them, you wont want one anymore......:tape:
  13. pilot

    pilot Senior Member

    Uncle Ted shoots one....that's good enough for me. :peace:
  14. Ronhop

    Ronhop RIP

    Yeah, I'm a 'keep it simple' person too.... I don't like a lot of moving parts. Some of the most effective, efficient and durable tools and devices and such are elegantly simple designs.

    The upshot is that more parts, especially ones that move = more problems or at least more potential problems.

  15. fstgstdsmpay

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    Shot and worked on quite a few of em. They are loud when you compare them to most bows. they do take alot of work to keep them in check. But they do make a great fishing bow. If your really interested in this style of bow check out monster bows.