online ordering into the Twilight Zone!

Discussion in 'General Archery Forum' started by turk, Mar 28, 2008.

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    :frusty: Man oh man, I've NEVER had such a run of nerve testing hard luck. Living on a small island in the middle of the pacific with no archery shops, I'm forced to buy my bow (and everything else) online or through catalogs. So I ordered a Bowtech Allegiance from "company A". Actually a friend and I ordered the same bow together. So we had two Allegiances in Mossy Oak Obsession with speed cams, one with 28 draw module and one in 29.

    The bows come in. Both are in Realtree Hardwoods Green HD. Oops! One has smooth cams. Oops! Well, we complain but take the bone they throw us (6 carbon arrows of our choice each, rather than send the bows back 5000 miles and wait again. And they send the right module later. life goes on.

    Then we order two quivers from "company B", making sure to order Realtree Hardwoods Green HD to match the camo pattern chosen for us by company A.
    Company B sends us two quivers in Realtree Hardwoods HD... Whats missing ? The GREEN! Wrong again. Oooop! We return the quivers and order from another company... you guessed it... "Company C".

    When ordering online I checked the 3 day mail box, willing to pay the extra $7 for that service. BUT I gave them a P.O. Box instead of a physical address (which they did not specify). They email me telling me they mailed my goods special priority mail which cost me an extra $10 so that my package would arrive in 10 DAYS instead of 17 to 20! So let me get this straight... I ask for 3 day shipping for an extra $7 and they give me 10 day shipping for an extra $10. Instead of emailing me and asking for a physical address... This dispute is pending resolution.

    Well I moved on to... yes, you got it... "Company D". I ordered a rest and sight. They tell me that the items I ordered are not in stock and wont be until the end of the month. So now I wait. Atleast they didn't screw up... YET!

    Are mail order businesses hiring McDonald's rejects? At this rate my bow wont be ready for the 2008 fall season. I've ordered things before with no problems, but it seems increasingly that compitant service is becoming more and more rare. Had to vent. BTW, two of these companies are about the two biggest in the country!
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    I hate to hear things like this. But check the used ads. At least you will get what you are looking for.

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    At least you have the internet. :decision:
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    Sorry to hear of all the problems. I hate waiting and then getting the wrong stuff makes it 10X worse. I have much better luck using the classifieds.
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    sorry to hear about the bad luck. try the classifieds here or someplace where you can kind of check out who you are dealing with. Online ordering shouldnt be a bad experience but unfortunately it turns into one more often than it should.
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    There's no excuse for the amount of troubles you had with these stores. However, I can tell you why they are hiring cheap help.

    We are seeing more internet basement bandits all the time that have no overhead. They work a regular full time job and fill orders in the evening with there computers. They stock nothing and just use distributors to drop ship. Since they have such low overhead and no expenses they are driving the prices to the rock bottom.

    This means for the real pro shops and stocking dealers, there is no profit margin to pay the help a reasonable wage. Archery equipment has the lowest margins of anything I have ever seen in business.

    For me as a consumer, there is no way I am giving anyone my credit card information if they don't have a phone number and store address on their website. The number of internet archery stores that operate like this is just nuts and people keep buying from these guys.

    I'm sorry to hear you had such trouble ordering online and sorry I had to vent a little. Thanks for listening or should I say reading.:biggrin1:
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    The worst I have seen is the trials motorcycle business..... Less than 10% on almost everything. Bikes you have to sell at a loss because the importer will sell his remaining stock of bikes for less than you paid for yours.... so you take $400 in the shorts. My importer would at least give me credit for the difference...... others would not.....
    I sure as hell don't work at my local archery shop for the big bucks.... But I like what I do, who I work for and the benefits are good too..... (not talking about health plan either)
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    You really need to order from Chris

    I ordered a lense from him online and he kept me informed all the way. Shipping was fast, he even called me on the phone when I messed up the order form.:doh:

    Hit the link at the top of the page, you won't be sorry.:rockon:
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    Risk has a price

    Any time we make a decision to go cheap on anything, bows or computers or anything else you can buy online, you just have to weigh the risk of the transaction against the premium charged by other shops.

    Studies I've conducted over the years is that service will typically earn a 10 to 15% price premium over cheaper places. Shops that go over that amount usually cater to a narrow niche market, and those that go the bare minimum tend to provide exactly what you pay for, nothing more. i.e. they send a bow they receive...but don't go through additional verification. Setup may cost extra if you get it...and so forth.

    Additionally, ordering pieces from several sources to get the lowest price frequently adds further risk if those pieces are meant to go together. In bows, I aways found that was the case even if you walk into a shop and ask for advise. Again, the risk carries a $$ value that is individually set.

    In a perfect world, I'd be independently wealthy and price would be very very low on my "value add" list. Unfortunately...I make enough that price sits high in position 2....maybe 3 behind service and product quality/reliability.

    Good luck in getting your headaches worked out in time for a happy season.
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    not goinf cheap

    This wasnt a result of trying to go cheap. I order online because I live on an island and there's no bow shops on this island. And I ordered from different outlets because No one outlet had all the accessories I wanted. I did not go to cheap outlets. Just so you know two of these outlets are Cabelas and Basspro that screwed me. the outlet that had the bow is the only outlet allowed to sell the line of bow I bought outside their "sale area". They have license from the manufacterer to do so.