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    I also posted this on the bowhunting page before realizing that this would be a better place so I appreciate your help and patience.
    I'm looking for a new compound to start over with and just wanted to get some opinions. 6 years ago I had to take an unwanted break from bowhunting because of a shoulder injury. I've recently been cleared to start into a program to get me shooting again. Besides that, I started my son on his first bow recently at the age of 6 and wow, He's taking to it unbelievably well. He wants to shoot a couple times a day.
    I am looking for honest input from the people that would know and that can help me make a descision about what bow to buy. I know it all comes down to which one feels good and shoots well for me. but if anyone has any input into any compounds that are out there that are what they consider to be smooth, fast and flat shooting, I would appreciate it. I'm really surprised at how the technology has changed just in a few short years.
    I've been looking at Parkers,Martin's and Brownings. If anyone has any information about which manufacturers have the best records or most wins in tournament or 3D shoots please give me a heads up.
    Thanks for your assistance.
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    I currrently shoot a parker huntermag it was cheap and shots well for me.
    As for your injury I recently saw a bow company that makes a bow w/ 99% letoff their name is Concept Archery.From the things I read about them they shoot great.The best scores at the shoots I go to locally come from every major brand its the guys who are most confident with their equiptment that does the best.Nationally it seems from photos your major companies (martin hoyt mathews bow tech) promote the best.
    Hope you enjoy this time around in archery. :)

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    choosing a bow is kinda tricky.you need to find a bow shop and shoot them and figure out what fits you and makes you feel comfortable shooting.I would start out with a known name brand,a good bow is a bear instinct,but its all what you feel comfortable shooting.i just bought a 2010 hoyt maxxis and it shoots great but i would start out a little cheaper!!(GOOD LUCK)and i hope this helps.
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    best records at shoots are buy the fellar behind the bow give him any bow and he will place
    most larger bowyers are pretty much equal
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    Of the 3 you listed, your not going to see many tourney wins. Not because they don't make a good bow, but more likely they are unwilling to pay a shooter in the pro ranks. Mathews and Hoyt are tops in that catagorie. Alpine has also stepped up for their shooters. Bowtech has $ support in the lower ranks (no-pro).
    Don't let that sway your decision. It really does come down to what you said, how it shoots and feels to you. Who's around you for a dealer? What kind of feeling did you get after visiting their shop?
    I'd shoot either of the 3 you mentioned if the shop guys were good and the bow shot good for me.
    My nearest dealer sells Mathews/Hoyt and they are great guys to deal with, that means more to me than having the latest and greatest bow. They've been good to me even though I don't buy a new bow every year.
    Visit a few shops, shoot a few bows if you can. I would'nt hesitate to use a Parker, a Martin, or a Browning (PSE).
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    Hello, and welcome to this site, post often. :)
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    Go to some shops and try some bows. One thing about browning, PSE dropped them this year and there is no more browning bows. What exactly are you planning on doing with this bow? I shoot for a BowTech shop, so naturally I am going to suggest BowTech. Their Assassin is a great package bow for a hunter. The Invasion is a really nice, fast bow and I know several people who are shooting it for both hunting and 3D. It really comes down to what you like and what feels good to you.
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    I really have to echo what everyone else said, You need to go try some, don't try to be a hero either, most states have a min draw weight, I would try to stick close to that, I hunt at 53 pounds and have no issues at all.

    I would suggest looking for something with 40 - 50 pound limbs, keep it around 40 while getting yourself used to shooting again, bottom them out when you are ready to start prepping for the season to start and you'll be fine for white tail.

    You absolutely want something with a good valley on it, stay away from speed bows!!!!!!

    The valley is the basically the draw length between when your cams roll over and when you hit the solid back wall where you can't draw anymore. The more room you have between when your cams roll over and when you hit the back wall means the more "creep" you can do before the bow wants to fire. having a firm back wall and no valley means if you let up even half an inch the bow is going and taking your shoulder with it, letting down will hurt like hell.

    Try to find a bow with a very consistent draw cycle, normally called "smooth draw", having to draw a speed bow or other "power cycle" will most likely jack your shoulder up

    Also don't write off the TON of other options that are out there in the same price range, like Mission (Mathews), Diamond (Bowtech), Reflex (Hoyt).

    Shoot everything you can :p

    good luck!