Opinions on Carter Releases?

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    I have been looking at the new Carter releases that release based on more pressure after you reach your anchor point. Does any one use this type of release or any of the other types of carter releases? I have not yet shot a release that does not have a strap to my wrist and I am wondering if a hand held one will be more accurate. It seems that if your hand is close to your face the anchor point will be more regular? Am I thinking correctly on this issue or not?
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    I think you are definitely thinking correctly. When I switched to a T-Handle release my groups shrank a fair amount. It took a while to get used to but my anchor point became more consistent.
    I use a Carter Solution 3. It's a back tension style release with a safety. You can also convert it into a trigger style by removing 1 screw, which basically converts the safety into the trigger. The release firest by rotation your wrist after you click the safety. Your wrist rotates while your increasing the pull on the string. I believe the Carter Evolution is the model that actually fires based on how much tension you are pulling. I have not tried one of those yet but intend to.

    Another release I use is a TRU Ball Pro Diamond. It's a T Handle trigger type release with a caliper head. It's not back tension but you can rotate the trigger to be in the palm of your hand so when you tighten your fist the release will fire, esentially giving you a surprise release. A few folks our here use that release the same way I just described with seemingly good success.

    I switch between those two releases all the time but I should probably just stay with one and be done with it... Maybe use the other as a backup. Question is: Which one do I stick with ?

    Hope that helps.

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