Opinions on these bows please...

Discussion in 'General Archery Forum' started by NM_Shooter, Nov 29, 2007.

  1. NM_Shooter

    NM_Shooter Junior Member

    Local shop is clearing these out, and as I am currently looking, thought I would ask some of you to help narrow the search:

    Martin: Slayer, Pantera, Bengal

    High Country Carbon Fiber

    Hoyt : Vtech

    Looking for 30" draw, 65#, casual target and also elk hunting.

    Any and all opinions appreciated!

  2. jlgk2340

    jlgk2340 Junior Member

    The Cliche

    Buy whatever feels the best to you and is comfortable for your wallet. I know it seems an overused phrase but nothing could be more true. Have fun trying as many bows as you can and gain the little snippets of insight along the way and you'll feel that much more comfortable once you make a decision.

  3. Long Draw

    Long Draw Banned

    if you have a 30" draw, I would not consider anything under 37".a2a......... 36" if a vertical limb rig
  4. hoyt_hunter007

    hoyt_hunter007 Senior Member

    Havent shot any of the others, but i LOVE my Vtec.

    I suggest you shoot them all and decide which one feels the best to you.
  5. Pinwheel1969

    Pinwheel1969 #1 THREAD KILLER

    slayer will be the best all around bow..
  6. Dredly

    Dredly Site Guru

    If you have a 30" draw I would immediately ignore what he said.

    The follow it up with looking for a bow in the 33 - 34" range.

    This bow will be going on some VERY long walks and shooting from kneeling position if needed. a 36"+ bow can become very difficult to manage while kneeling and while carrying.

    I strongly advise AGAINST going shorter then 32" at your draw, at least from my personal experience, the draw angle becomes to extreme and the Peep is very far away from the eye.

    The Carbon Fiber HCA might be a good choice, very light however that can also have a negative impact on target shooting.

    Any of the Martins should work well for you and the Hoyt will as well

    BUNNYMAN I pray for you!

    completly agree.....
  8. red44

    red44 Senior Member

    I'm currently messing around with an 04 SlayR. Nice shooting bow.
    Best bet is to shoot them if you can and pick the one that speaks to you.
    BTW the SlayR is one of the shortest bows I have and it's like 37-38" ATA. A longer bow won't matter in the woods or a treestand, unless, of course, your a dwarf. :tape: Your only talking 2-3 inches on each end. Don't let the ATA rule out any bow. Shoot them.
  9. ecmbowhunter

    ecmbowhunter Member

    My wife and I both own Martin Pantera's. Good weight for bearing down on a spot.
  10. Huya

    Huya Senior Member

    Get the Bowtech Guardian. OH wait, that wasn't on that list. Well guess you will have to try them and settle for what feels the best of that bunch.

    Ok Ok Relax, I was just joking. try them all and let the bow pick you.
  11. MichiganHunter

    MichiganHunter Senior Member

    i have a martin bengal... and i love it!!! just picked it up a few weeks ago. i shot every bow they had and thats the one that worked for me best. just shot then and pick the one you like.
  12. NM_Shooter

    NM_Shooter Junior Member

    A plan... I think I have a plan....

    First of all, thanks for the advice! I appreciate all data. Sounds like everybody says to shoot, shoot some more, then maybe think about shooting again to find the right bow. Intuitively, this makes good sense.

    Okay, here is the dilemma. I have not shot in 30 years or so, and only recurves. So I could look at these bows until I am blue in the face and shoot them and still probably not have a clue since I am a noob with compounds.

    So this is what I think I am going to do. Feel free to re-align this plan...

    I am going to buy used/ borrow / steal a bow to shoot with to get some time under my belt, and also take some lessons from a shop... probably pay them to set the bow up for me as well. I'll spend some money on decent accessories.. release, sight, rest, and shoot for a few months.

    After wearing off some of my noob paint, I'll start to fish around for better bows, shoot everything I can, and narrow the search to a better setup. This way, maybe I will only be out a couple hundred bucks at worst (I'll try and resell the starter bow) and I won't invest larger $$$ until I have a better feel for what the heck I'm doing. I don't "need" to be settled on a hunting bow until July, so I have some time to play.

    Comments? :decision:
  13. Ronhop

    Ronhop RIP

    That is as good of a plan as any.
    After you shoot for a while you'll get to 'know' the bow and it will likely be easier to get a 'feel' for what you want in a new bow.
    As far as accessories everything is more or less standard with the exception of some arrow rests that are purpose-built for particualr bows. That and depending on what you end up feeling comfortable with you could likely need to change arrow length/spine/point weight, etc...

    Make sure you get the proper draw length and a draw weight you feel comfortable with. There are some shops out there that do not pay close enough attention to those basic details. I know this from experience.

    Good luck !