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    I am considering a new Mathews bow. I plan to use the bow primarily for 3-d and maybe a little bit of dot shooting. I will be shooting fixed pins this year, but may go to a scope in the future. Here is my delemia- I have shot several LX bows and loved them, shot great groups with them(my best ever I believe), however I think that the longer Ovation, with more brace height may be a more forgiving bow. I normally set up to shoot in the low 280s so I do not think that speed will be a big issue for me, as I believe I can get the speed from both bows. Here is the real kicker, none of my local dealers has and Ovation for me to try out. I am afaraid to buy without shooting first, so does any one have any suggestions, or opinions on the two bows? And now the switchback! should I consider it. I have shot it, and while I didn't group as tightly as I would have hoped, the bow is the smoothest thing I have ever fired.

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    I think you have to narrow down the facts

    I know that choosing a weapon for certain things is a personal preference.You have to determine exactly what you are going to be doing with the bow to make the precise choosing.
    If you choose a longer axle to axle bow you will be better at feild and longer rangeshots due to forgiveness in the shot.
    If you want to just shoot 3d,hunt you can make your decision alone there.
    As for hunting? It's all what you feel will work best in the situation,just whitetails?
    I find that you can always get close to 3d and hunting in the same setup,if you get the speed and accuracy that applies to your expectations.
    Feild and spots can also be acheived with the same bow in a same aspect of setups in my opinion.
    I probably will choose to buy two different bows this year for this case senerio.

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    I know what it is like to choose which bow to shoot. You look at what other people are shooting and the accessories on them and ask yourself a million times what to buy. With the price of bows today and the many make and models to choose from, only you can decide what works for YOU!!! I have not shot either bow, but my shooting partner just bought a new switchback to shoot 3D and for hunting this season. From what I can tell, the switchback is a fast yet forgiving bow. However, a lot of guys who like the longer bows bought the ovation and shoot it well. You seem to be on the right track as to wanting more accuracy rather than speed. I personnally shoot Hoyt bows solely because I have shot them for years. I have ignored the speed trend that most shooters are following today and have stayed with accuracy. Brace height means a lot when it comes to accuracy and forgivness. When shopping for bows, I look at the brace height and the axle to axle length and then the speed. I have two bows, one for hunting and one for tournaments. Both bows have long axle to axle lengths and long brace heights. If you can afford to, buy both and have one for hunting and one for tournaments. If not, shoot the ovation and make your decision from that since you have already shot the switchback. Be patient your dealer will be getting the ovation in soon, my dealer just recieved a shipment of over 25 Mathews bows including LX, Switchback, Outback, Ovation, Black Max, and even a Conquest.