Palmer, MA June 13, and 14

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    I agree...It is total BS when you get run off a course. If they let you on the course, there is no way they should stop you from finishing. We got a late start Sunday with the weather. We didn't get out shooting till almost 11. We shot the N.A. side. We got done at 2:45, and they almost wouldn't accept our scorecards. If we didn't double up shooters on the doubles, we never would have finished in time. I have no problem with a cut-off time for going out to shoot. Most clubs have this. But, you can't control what happens time wise on a course. I would have absolutely flipped if I got told to leave the course. When I got back to the clubhouse, everyone would have known exactly how I felt too!
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    tick bite

    went to the shoot with4 other guys we had a great time it was a real blast the only problem i got a deer tick bite and got lyme disease never found the dam thing was treated with the medication they say it never leaves you but it sure as hell wont stop me from shooting outdoors keep shooting !!!!!!!!!

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    Palmer MA June 13 and 14

    there is a lot of talk on this site about a group coming up to play - that is wonderful news and we can't wait to treat ya'll to a great weekend of golf In the meantime - you know how nice it is to have pre-reg's coming in, helping with those funds to get the event off the ground Pre-reg early if you can, we are looking to have this event fill and would hate for anyone to miss out

    Any questions, just ask - Solt and I both check here often

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    I loved the shoot last year looks like I wont be there this year as Im shooting the Triple Crown I.B.O shoots.. Wish it would be on a off weekend but best to all..