Paper Tuning A Broadhead

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    Yes you can its something I learned yrs . ago but frist you have get the broadhead line up with the vane or etc,by line up get the blades same as your vanes then spin the arrow till there is no wabble just reheat the insert to fix it now go tell your wife you want to use her lipstick and she is going to look at you are nuts or something anyway here is what you do put lipstck on the vanes all 3 lightly now shoot thou the paper the broadhead will make one cut and the vanes will leave the marks of the vanes keep adjusting your arrowrest till you have the cuts same or almost the same it takes a little time but it is wroth it I have had broadheads hit the same hole of my feild ponits,that lipstick will tell you what the back end of the arrow is doing,just thought this might help someone and it works.////kingfisharchery:amen: