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    i was in jay's (the second biggest sporting good store in MI.) and i was looking at the 08 bows. i heard the archery tech talking to someone and he said " have to paper tune from at least 20 yards..." i thought u paper tuned from 6 to 10 feet. how far are you actuall supposed to?
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    At least 20 yards, no. I go right in front of the bow and out 10-15 feet, close enough. Bare shafts/fieldpoints out to 20 yards, close enough.

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    paper tune that far away and you'll never see your arrows pattern. By 20 yds the arrow has straightened out. I stand about 5 ft away. Jays archery department staff are upgraded gander employee's. I've seen some scary things. Like selling a set of strings 3" to long and telling the owner he can short string it. I told him it was not a good idea. And if your paying full price for a set of strings. Why not get the right ones. The bow owner did side with me and order correct strings. The scary thing is jays employee's are sent to schools for trainging on maintenance and repairs...
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