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    I just got into bowhunting this year, and wanted an inexpensive beginner bow. I bought a Parker Buck Shot from Gander Mountain. It seems like a good starter bow and shoots good. Is anybody else familiar with Parker Bows or have one they are using? Whats do you think of them ??
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    I bought my son a Buckshot 2 years ago and it is still shooting great. I think Parker is a great bow. But my dealer is no longer in business.

    Congrats on a great bow and enjoy the sport.

    EDIT---I forgot :welcome: to the forum..:peace:

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    I bought my first Parker bow a few months ago. So far this year I shot at one deer and killed one deer. Complete pass thru at 18yrds. Most all bow companies make good bows these days. Shoot what your comfortable with and practice as much as you can...... And welcome to the Forum:welcome:
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    I have a had nothing but bad experiences with them from what I've seen that is. my friend bought a buck shot 2 years ago and the cams blew apart. sent it back and got it fixed. and 6 months later one of the limb bolts stripped out and almost backed all the way out at full draw..and the pheonix has had the lower cam issues for a few years where it would chew up strings do to the machining. So for me.. I stay away from them personally. Dont know if they the issues are fixed. it has been a year or so. but I do know of a couple shops in the area that quit carrying the line cause of them having to be sent back. and dealing with p' off customers.