Pasaa Does It Still Exist

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    I Am Interested In Knowing If The Pa. State Archery Ass. Still Exists And If They Still Publish A Record Book. I Have Been Out Of Tourment Archery And At One Time Held A Couple Of Barebow Records In Field Archery. I Was Involved Back In The Late 70's And Early 80's And Was Wondering If Any Of My Records Still Stand. I Would Appreciate Any Info.
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    Yeap... still around! As for a record book, I haven't seen anything from them on something like that.

    You might want to contact them and see what they can dig up for ya.

    Here's the link to their page:

  3. Psaa

    I don't know if you can get a record book but they publish regional and state records in their rule book.
    As far as I know the only way you can get a rule book is to join the PSAA. You have to do it early because they only print so many rule books and when they are gone for the year there is no more.
    If you pm me a name and class I can look at the club the next couple of days as we have last years book there.
    We are one of the last clubs to maintain a field and hunter course in the Northwest Region.
    We are Rainbow Bowmen of Franklin, PA. You can see our schedule and directions and contacts here or on AT.
    We are having 6 target shoots plus 3 regional shoots at our club this year.