peep sight problem!!

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    today when i was shooting i noticed all my arrows shooting 4-5 inches high! my peepsight moved up nearly a 1/4 inch. i have a tube attached to it so when i draw it pulled it up to the point it moved. its pushed right up against the top serving. should i just leave it and adjust my sight or get the peep sight re-done?
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    Personally I would reset the peep and tie it in. After I get mine set I tie it in so it can't move. I have talked with other people who don't tie theirs in and they think that I am going alittle overboard by tying mine in. I had mine move once and it was'nt tied in so after that they all get tied in.

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    I agree with radar, if you don't tie in it may move again on you. I also have my peep tied in, Chris does it automatically when he installs it.

    BUNNYMAN I pray for you!

    if you dont move it back are o.k. w/moving your anchor point????

    wasnt this exact question on here a couple months back????

    thought it sounded familier......

    and posted by the same person?????

    what you didnt tie the string ends tight the first time?????
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    Have it re-tied in, or do it yourself. The serving was probably too high above the peep with too much air-space between the serving and the top of the peep. I had this happen to me pretty recently before hunting season. Too much space between the top of the peep and the serving.

    I recently bought a Bohning serving kit that had everything you need to do a center serving and serve a peep in. It came with a instructional DVD that, being somewhat crude, was helpful. I re-served my peep in myself using their instructions and have had no problems since. I think I paid about $25 for the kit at Gander Mountain.

    Moving your anchor point is just one issue. Another issue is the sight elevation. When I had my peep move I ran out of sight adjustment. I actually thought my rest or nocking pont was moving when it was actually the peep. I didn't realize that my anchor point was slowly moving down my face until I was missing high. Theprocess happened so slow it was not obvious.

    Good luck.

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    o sorry guys, guess i did post that before, didnt even think twice about it,i have a strong tendency of forgeting:noidea: