Peep Sights Lose In Major 3-D tournament

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    Archery Innovations is proud to announce reaching a milestone in the debate about accuracy, Peep Sights versus Anchor Sight.

    Mr. Wood who didn't start shooting a bow until 2006 is currently 63 years old and has been winning 3-D tournaments including the NW mountain challenge at the Tammarack ski resort in central Idaho, open division, which included all ages. Mr. Wood would qualify to shoot in the Silver Senior class. He Edged out a 2 time Idaho state 3-D champion in a shoot off that went out to 90 yards. There were about 40 other Peep Sight competitors shooting this event That Lost to Mr. Wood As Well. Mr. Wood wears glasses and doesn't know how much longer he will be able to compete at that level as his vision worsens over time. We would like to thank Mr. Wood for this tremendous accomplishment and for sharing it with us.