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Discussion in 'General Archery Forum' started by chs2inb, Dec 31, 2007.

  1. chs2inb

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    I want to try a Pendulum sight on my bow, for tree stand hunting, but people I talk to say don't do it. My problem is that I have one of the new speed bows, a Bowtech 101st Airborn... any pro's or con's ? please help !
  2. Long Draw

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    high speed bows really dont need them.....thats the main reason you dont see too many sights being marketed of this type anymore. Using a laser rangefinder shooting land marks in the vicinity of your stand at 1st light getting a feel for the range has become the more standard operating procedure.

  3. OneMustFall

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    Ya i would have to agree even my slow bow does pretty good out to 30yds,i say get a good pin sight,you can get more use out of it......good luck in your chioce////
  4. presspal111

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    a friend of mine shots a 80 lb black max with a pen. sight and loves it
    but shoots a slider for 3-d
  5. red44

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    The only downfall to most Pendulums is not having pins to shoot from the ground with at 3Ds and such. If your mostly only going to hunt, try one. The fact that your new bow is speedy will help increase the Pendulums' effective distance. I used one for a while but have gone back to pins. But you ought to satisfy your curiousity and see what you can do with it. Holy Smokes has one he likes. Mine was a Vital bow Gear Camelback. The pin on mine was bright as heck.
  6. IChim2

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    I agree w/Red....i played around with one this past summer and found they worked better than i thought they would,but when shooting from the ground,they didn't have the accuracy of pin's shooting at dots the size of 50 cent pc's......but than again,if your still hunting.....were talking about a kill zone the size of a paper plate that with practice....wouldn't be a problem.Try all the options that you'll use it for.