penguin with broken air conditioner

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    A penguin is driving through Texas when his air conditioning stops
    working. The penguin pulls into a gas station and the mechanic says
    it will be awhile. The penguin is really hot out in the Texas air, so

    he decides to go somewhere a little cooler. He heads into a grocery
    store and goes to the frozen goods section and he thinks "this is the
    perfect place for me to relax for while".

    The penguin opens the door and hops up into the freezer and leans back

    and relaxes for a while when he notices that there is vanilla ice
    cream in the freezer next to him. So the penguin reaches over with
    his wing and starts munching on the ice cream, making a mess all over
    his wing and his face.

    After a little while the penguin hops back out of the freezer into the
    hot Texas air and makes for the gas station. While the penguin is
    walking back the ice cream on his face and wing melts into a gooey

    The penguin walks up to the mechanic, who is just coming out from
    under the car and says "well, what do you think?"

    The mechanic replies "It looks like you blew a seal."

    The penguin, a little embarassed, says "No, thats just ice cream."
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    now that theres funny:pound: :pound: :pound: