"Perfect" sized Scorecard Clipboard w/ beltloop/quiver clip - see pic

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    After searching around and not being able to find a clipboard to accomodate those long skinny scorecards I decided to make some myself. If you are interested I can make one or more for you too. Board measures approx. 4" wide x 9" long and has a 3" clip. Comes with a nice clip to attach to your belt loop or quiver. Only 4" wide, it fits in your back pocket, in your quiver pocket or between the tubes and side of your quiver for storage. Price is $7.50 for cash or money order to your door. $8.00 tyd if you use PayPal. Over $2.00 of this cost is in shipping so you could save some in shipping by buying in quantity for your club. For example I can usually send 3 to you for under $20, and 25 to your door for $125 if paying with money order, $130 if paying with PayPal. For orders of 50 or more price is $4 each plus actual shipping cost.

    Please contact me via email if interested at [email protected]. Do NOT use this email address for PayPal payments. I have another address for that I will supply to you if interested.


    Thanks for looking!