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    I shoot the spot-hogg hunter hogg-it .019 5pin. I know I can shoot out to 20yrds maybe 30 (havent tried) with the first pin. My pins go 10,20,30,40,50. Reason is when im hunting its automatic when 20yrds means 2nd pin and so on. What should I do? I just dont want to make the error when a deer at 30yrds and I use the 3rd pin, that be for 40 and miss. I feel im just wasting a pin doing it that way.
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    Set it up the way you feel most comfortable. 1st pin 10 yards, 2nd pin 20 yards and so on is just fine. Do not let others pressure you into something you feel uncomfortable with.:peace:

  3. Ronhop

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    Yes, I agree with Hoosier's philosophy.

    I have a Trophy Ridge 5 pin and played around with yardage before I settled on a 'solution'. For my bow the difference between 10 and 20 yards is about 2 inches. So what I did was go 20, 30, 35, 40, 45. I shoot slightly low using the top pin for a 10 to 15 yard shot, which actually hardly ever happens anyway, except for maybe a 3D shoot if the stakes are in a goofy location for variety.

    Set it up how it feels comfortable for you and the way you think. It will be more automatic that way.

    Good luck !

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    Depending on set up also. Take mine for instance. I have one pin that is good to 22 yds. Next pin is a 30yds, 35 yds, 40 yds ect....
    I would find where your 1st pin is good too. Also I know that a shot at 5 -10 yds I will use my 40 yd pin and its dead on.. You'll have to play.
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    pin help

    I agree with the rest of the guy's if your just starting out.
    however i use 1 pin at 28yd's but this take's year's of practice.
    year's ago i had the mishap on a really big buck because i wasnt paying attention and shot off the wrong pin in the excitement of the moment.
    after that i ask an old pro how can you correct this problem & he told me he had always shot off one pin while hunting at 20yd's.
    back then bow's didnt shoot very fast 225fps at most,now you can streach them out.
    if your shooting around 270fps sight in at 25yds
    walk up and shoot 5 yd's you shouldnt be but about 4in.high.
    then shoot 18yds./2in.high
    it's not hard but you have to practice it alot.
    but youve got to remember if you know a deer is around 15yd's to hold on him 1or2in.low.
    like i said youve got to practice this setup & like everyone else said it does'nt work for just everybody.:biggrin1:
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    Im definately not just starting out, but I have been shooting the same sight for three years and I understand that will take me just practicing alot and getting used to using the top pin out to 20yrds even 25. To tell you the truth in the past three years I have never used the top pin set at 10yrds in any situation. I just feel like im wasting that pin.
  7. kbohunt

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    wasting a pin

    if you take that pin out u can adjust your shot to it.
    but sooner or later with the speed we have today and a kill-zone of around 6 to will probably be like me and make the shot as easy and as uncomplicated as possible & start takeing off more pin's.
    but i still shoot target on scoped actual yardage dont change that but i often have the scope on 45yd's from the previous target & to lazy to dial it in shoot the next target at 50yd and hold it 2in.high.
    you just get use to it after you start trying it.good luck.:biggrin1:
  8. brokenarrow

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    It's up to you...
    Whatever works...I have a 5 pin setup for 20,30,40,50,60...
  9. Holy Smokes

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    Ya could try paintin tha tha 30 yard one a different color. I have learned mine over tha years. I recently went with a pendulum site. it's good out ta 35. Which is a long shot in that woods> HS
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    Its up to you, do what you think is best, My 20 yard pin is about 3/4 of a inch high at 10 yards, so i cant really use a 10. Ive had my 20 yard pin the fist one for ever, so im usto it like that. I have 7 pins on my hunting rig, i had problems finding the right pin, so id count 20, 30 40, and so on.... didnt like it much so i color coded all my pins, they go red, green, red, yellow, red, green orange. the yellow one is 50 and i know it, so if i have a shot other then 20 or 30 yards, i go right to the yellow pin and add or deduct from their. works slick!! and the orange one...... well havent got in a situation for it yet, and hope i dont, try to make your setup simple as you can, and get usto using it, shot alot at diff yardages so you dont get usto using the same pin shot after shot... hope this helps.