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    The bows on Cabela's page are nice but I can get the ones my shop sells much cheaper than Cabela's has advertised. I like to keep the little man in business and not all the big box stores that try to make you think they are saving you money because they have so much merchandise. Simply put if I can buy a bow from Cabela's for $600 or from my local dealer for $650 then I will always buy from my dealer. I may pay more but its the personal touch I like. Some people do not have great dealers around them so then they must use these other outlets but not for me. By the way Chris has some very nice bows for sale CA Rcher12.

    Now for this other post here we do not care about your mortgage rates here. This is an archery forum not a place for your worthless spamming. And I would like to apologize to you Rcher12 for this inconsiderate A$$. So we are very sorry your thread was used in this manner please do not let it stop you from posting other questions or comments.