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    Radar Story of my life

    I had posted before that I got my wife to try shooting and she did and she liked it I got off work last week and came home and she said what do you want to do. I said I don't know and to my suprise she looked at me and said lets go shooting:whoo: So we went up to the club and I pulled out one of our Genesis bows with a sight on it and she got the hang of using a sight real fast(The first time she shot the genesis had no sight on it) The treasurer of the club was up there and pulled out an old parker equalizer from his locker that was his sons years ago and he is just waiting for his grandson to grow into it and said that we could use it for as long and we want to make sure shes into it before we spent any money on a new bow. So I brought it home and put one of my old rests and a junky old sight that I bought on clearance about four years ago for reasons I still have no clue but anyway. I bought her some Beaman ICS Hunter junior Carbon arrow with the forty pound max. She got to shooting in the basement with me and.........Last saturday went to the plug and pellet with me for a 3D!!! She had some trouble with guessing the yardage and told her I would help her out if she wanted and we would'nt turn her score card in but her being bull headed as she is said no that she could do it. When she missed she always missed low and with that bow if your off alittle its alot. She had a really good time though and wants to do it again. we cant go for a walk now without her constantly stopping me to call out yardage on tree and light poles and everything. Well enough rambling I just wanted to share the story with you guys and girls. We had a good time and I really had a good time...... I mean I just got to spend a saturday watching a hot 23yr. old blonde shoot a bow, Is there anything better:noidea:
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    BUNNYMAN I pray for you!

    Hot 23yr old blonde? Where? Must post pics.......:noidea: :biggrin1: :laugh: :rockon:

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    You got her hooked now. Be very thankful. Next thing is she will be wanting that hot new bow each year. It will make it much easier for you to get one too.

    All kidding aside, you can't beat it when you best shooting/hunting buddy is also your wife.:biggrin1:
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    My wife is there

    +1 on

    All kidding aside, you can't beat it when you best shooting/hunting buddy is also your wife
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    She'll be out shooting you in no time!!!