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  1. beej

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    What poundage do you guys shoot for 3D & or indoor? I'm getting a new bow after the 1st of the year and I want to get one that's a little less poundage than my hunting setup of about 65lbs. I don't want to go back to the days of arc'ing them in there either, :D so it still has to have enough poundage to where the arrow will shoot pretty flat.
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  2. Chris

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    I shoot 62# for 3D... that puts me real close to the 280fps mark.

  3. Jefro

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    My set up: Hoyt Ultra Tec XT3000 limbs 60 Lbs. 29 1/4" draw
    Gold Tip X-Cutter 345 grains
    Blazer vanes
    Mid 280's fps This is my 3-D set up

    Indoor: I am waiting for the 2005 bows. It will be 50-60 Lbs

    Good luck, Jeff
  4. bfisher

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    Whoever sold you on the idea that you need poundage to get speed but blwing smoke. With less weight you shoot a lighter spined/lighter arrow. For example, my Martin SlayR/Nitrous cams at 553 and 27.5" draw shoots a 27" Vapor 23 Speed (265gr) at 298fps. 280gr Easton Lightspeed 500 at 294fps. I've got some tweaking to do and will most likely end up at about 305fps with the Vapors. So who needs heavy weight to get speed?
  5. bfisher

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    OOP's, that SlayR was set at 55#, not 553. Brain fart.
  6. archery480

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    I'm shooting a Hoyt vipertec 54# with 28 1/2 " draw getting 274 fps :)
  7. glenny

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    I would have to say I am sitting closer to jeffro's stats

    I am usually running at 60#,but I am not sure where I will be at with the new one.
    I guess I can say that with a speed23 or a cxl you can get perty much the speeds your after.
    Indoors you really don't need to push alot of speed because 40 yards is as long as your getting usually.
    But even at 40 yards you want to make sure a 12 ring isn't a ten,and that's why you use a bigger lighter shaft of course and get a little hotter on the spots your aiming at when you go up a pound.
    You have to be the one, with what is comfortable when by shooting over a 100 arrows in a row,you will find out when enough is enough,or I can shoot 20 more.Adding the muscles to build the more you shoot as well so...
    I would start at around the 280-288 mark and see how it feels,arrow spine and weight are the factors of finding the perfect setup for me.I like to shoot the perfect arrow out of a perfect machine,all to his own,and you will find out there is a bow with a certain sight and rest and stabilizer that is right for everyones own tastes, adding it all up for the right situations.
    I forgot Releases.....
    but that's a whole nother slice of pie.
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