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  1. chowee21

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    ok.. i'll try to keep it short...

    I just got into the sport and am shooting the bow in my sig....
    I am right handed so i have shot right handed, but i am not really in depth to the sport yet.. So i bought this older bow to start with but heres the thing I HAVE A LEFT DOMINANT EYE.
    i bought the bow for about 260 and i dont think i can get that much back out of it so should i....
    I've prolly shot about 15 times.

    a) Keep shooting the right handed bow, with one eye closed
    b) Sell my bow and find a lefty bow so shoot with two eyes
    c) Get a lefty and keep the righty and shoot both
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  2. BowhuntnHoosier

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    I have the same issue. I have been shooting a bow for about 28 years. I never even thought about it way way back but I also am left eye dominant. I have tried shooting left handed but prefer to keep things the way they are. If you are just beginning I would say get a left handed bow and see how it goes. Its a decision you will just have to make. Good luck and have fun shooting.:peace:

  3. MoSkeeter0311

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    In my personal opinion, I would say that getting setup for your dominant eye would be the best possible choice. As of right now you don't have much invested and if you plan on staying with archery your going to want to improve your setup as time goes. Start out correct.. It will be more awkward at first shooting "lefty" because your right handed but in the long run it'll pay off. You're going to have to train your muscles anyway for archery, it may be a little uncomfortable at first but you'll get used to it with time. Good luck and keep shooting and :welcome: :welcome:
  4. IChim2

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    My wife has the same problem.She's left handed,but right eye dom and i just sold her bow and had to get her a right hander.The bad part about it is that i had her bow loaded with some good stuff and since it wasn't useable on a right handed bow,i took a beating when selling it.:frusty: Crap happens i guess.GL
  5. J.C.

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    If you wear glasses you can put a small piece of frosted Scotch tape on your left lens to block out the target but still be able to keep both eyes open for light gathering and peripheral vision.
  6. longcut36

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    I have shot a long time with my left eye closed with no problems. I have won as many shots as the right eyed guys. but the main reason I never changed to lefty is equipment is a lot easier to find for a right hand shooter. the ones with both eyes open probably see the target better in a low light situation.
  7. J.C.

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    yep, me too. I've finally taken the plunge and committed to lefty bows. I'm slowly selling off all my right handed equipment.
  8. Gator eye

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    Save yourself a few years and go to a left hand bow.

    I got the same problem and shot right handed for a number of years before I finally gave in and switch to left hand. It's not that hard to retrain your muscles for left hand shooting. Only took about two months to get the same or above score left handed that I was shooting right handed.