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    Pacific Bow Butts is one of the new Target companies that are definately worth looking at. Their targets are made of compression molded straw. This acts as a friction brake to stop the highest kinetic energy bows. The result is a long lasting system that can handle the fastest bows. Pacific Bow Butts are also biodegradable and therefore environmentally friendly.

    We recently tested the Porta Butt target. The targets produced by Pacific Bow Butts are quality targets. This is not a cheap light weight target. This "portable" target is 70 pounds and very durable. We shot arrows of every size imaginable into the Porta Butt target. The arrows did not sag even after countless arrows shot into the same area. One of my concerns was pass throughs. So we purposely put the target at close range and continually hammered a quarter size spot. We used many arrows with saunders combo pounds which should produce a lot of penetration on this type of target. We also switched between large diameter arrows and very small diameter carbons. The result, not a single pass through. We didn't even get one arrow up to the fletching.

    Overall, we feel this is a very good target and should last for many, many shots. Pacific Bow Butts estimates 50,000 shot or more and we believe it. They also state that using broadheads on the target will make it last even longer. We did not test this target with broadheads. The only issue we see is you can only shoot two sides because of the bands that wrap the target and hold it together. If the target lasts for 50,000 shots, then it isn't really and issue is it. Whether you need a personal target or targets for your range, Pacific Bow Butts are definitely worth a look. Click the link to learn more about Pacific Bow Butts

    As we get closer to the hunting season, we will be shooting some broadheads into this target and will let everyone know the results. I expect it will be just as good as the field points. Stay tuned.
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