Proper Arrow weight?

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    Just looking for some advise on arrow weights for hunting as well as target shooting. What are the lightest you guys would go on target? Grains per pound?

    I am thinking about using Gold tip ultralites, 400 shaft, 100 grain head for hunting. Looking at the charts this is Ok as far as draw weight, length, and tip weight. Do you guys think that is to light? I am guessing the arrow will be about 365-370 grains. Using a Tribute 68# at 30in.

    A fellow hunter is using a Beman ics 400(8.4gpi), 25.5in shaft, 100 grain head with a Switchback XT @70lbs & 29in draw.They look like crossbow bolts! That arrow ball park weight is 330grains. Is that safe? Isn't IBO 350Grains or
    5gr/lb. Thanks!
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    BUNNYMAN I pray for you!

    What fletching and nock combo is he using, that may be enough though have you acctually weighed the arrows to make up for errors in math....

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    I would not go below the 5gpp recommendation by manufacturers.

    For hunting I like an arrow weighing between 380 and 430 grains. I used to use a 625gr 2219 but lost too much speed with it. So now I am shooting a 390gr carbon at 276fps with 66lbs KE.

    For Target it depends on whether you mean 3D or Indoor???? For 3D I believe a lighter arrow which stays above the 5gpp min is better. But for Indoors then I do not care how long it takes the arrow to get there as long as I have an X waiting on me when I go down to write down score.

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    I haven't weighed the arrow, I just figured 25.5in x 8.4gpi = 214.2gr. 100gr. Head and 20gr. for the 4in fletchings.
    + 20.0 = 334.2 grains for the arrow

    Have you guys found that the actual weight could be more?

    Thanks guys! :cool:
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    Right stuff

    Hey my arrows are'nt going 260 when hunting, I took 5 with a bow last season. It is waiting for that close shot and for the right arrow placement in the animal ie a slightly quarting away shot is preffered,with a clear shooting lane. I wonder how many were harvested with a couple sticks and a sharpened stone. How fast will that go? The old boy knew he had to have the stealth and cunning to outsmart his next meal. When we focus on our hunting skills we will be come more proficent but I do like a good quite and fast compound to make up for some of my errors. I agree with the rest stay wiht in the manafactuters range. Yes to the slow arrows at X's for the slower a projectile travels the truer the flight. Striaght Shootin, Holy Smokes:hungry: :pray: