Proper arrows

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    Proper Arrows

    Tryng to understand the Spine charts.
    This chart here shows me @ 3 to 4 if I understand it.
    I am shooting
    • Arrows 28 inches from knock to tip of broad head.
    • Tips: 100 Grains.
    • Draw weight 60 lbs
    • Expedition Hunter (Black) 7595 - Shafts
    • Spine .300"

    Now looking here I seem to be in the ball park.
    Am I understanding this chart correctly ?
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    You don't measure to the end of the point you measure arrow length from nock groove to end of the phsycal arrow not the point. Just looking at the chart you could be in group 4 but I don't like those charts...too many other things to think about. I use a program Archer's Advantage to tweek a bit more because the charts don't take alot into account.
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  3. Ronhop

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    Chelle is right on the money...

    According to the chart you should be using a 5575 arrow (Group 4), after I subtracted 1-1/2 inches to compensate for the broadhead length. What's not included in that calculation (per the chart) is the draw length and letoff. Both of those measurements factor into which spine you should use since they combine with the draw weight to generate the needed energy to 'fling' the arrow. But, having said that, your arrows are spined too stiff. That don't mean you will not be able to shoot them, they are just not optimum and as forgiving as arrows spined properly. If you do error, error on the stiff side, especially for hunting.

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    Thank you both. 2 more things I now know. :biggrin1: