Pros/Cons of pendelum sight

Discussion in 'Beginners Archery Range' started by Leggro, Aug 9, 2007.

  1. Leggro

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    Just curious about what some thinkd about them. I have never used one, and wanted some feedback about them. Thanks
  2. kbohunt

    kbohunt are u a fat boy?

    Pendulem sight!

    I used one years ago great sight!
    Ask Holy Smokes he uses one religiously!:lol:
    No pun intended smokes!

  3. Ronhop

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    I've never used one. I mark off yardage from the tree to the trail(s) with a bit of orange spray paint to denote yardage at 10 yd increments. I do this when scouting and it eliminates errors from being in a stand.

    Also, I don't hink I've ever seen a swinger with multiple pins which would not be good for me personally since I like multi pin sights and I don't want to mess with sliders etc when hunting...

  4. Leggro

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    Thanks for the responses!
  5. Holy Smokes

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    Hey fellars I just started using one last season. Shot at 4 deer and hit four deer.
    Only thing is some make a big racket when they swing and some don't have a good field of range. or multipul pins.
    G&B makes one that I got 37 yards with at 62 pounds and was really quite, It also hase a multipul pin set up as well . I can shoot either way .

    One point of intrest is you can not count a P&Y animal with a pendulum
  6. Joe_P.

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    I use the Mantis for hunting, I like it mainly, because there is only 1 pin to worry about, and the other pins don't obstruct your view and unlike other pendulum sights the Mantis is very quiet. BTW I have a multipin pendulum made by Browning on my old Browning bow, its okay but I missed a deer once because used the wrong pin. :frusty: :Cry:
  7. nyarcher

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    I have never used one either.I hunt in areas with alot of extreme angles.I have heard they are not as accurate when used that way.:Cry:
  8. brokenarrow

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    0 buddy had some problems with one out of a treestand on a steep slope...but I've never used one myself...
  9. Dredly

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    Why would you use one? Your kill range is what 30 yards? keep in mind the KISS principle in the woods. Are you going to remember to change your sight when that buck walks out of nowhere on ya?

    I use a single pin set at about 25 yards. if the deer is closer I hold an inch lower, if the deer is further i hold a little higher.

    Remember that "perfect shot" on a deer is sticking an arrow in a 6"+ ring... if your arrow drops 2 inches between 25 and 30 and 4 inches between 30 - 35 and is hitting 2 inches high at 20 then by using one pin from 10 - 35 means all will be lethal shots.

    add in 1"+ of curring diameter and you are set! This also takes away the "wrong pin" excuse, gives you a very clear sight picture, and you can chose the single pin color easily.

    I used a Copper John DeadNuts as my hunting sight and I've removed all the pins but 1, used it last year and it is a great.