PSAA NW Regional Results 7/8/07

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  1. :welcome: First I want to thank everyone for coming. It was hot but too bad. RESULTS: WOMEN UNLIMITED AA; Jennifer McMillin 522, Dawn Patsy 486, Debbie McDermott 485. UNLIMITED AA;Dave McMillin 552(new regional record) Todd Lambright 548, Aaron Hildebrand 542, Mike Haller 536, Jack McDermott 532, John Davidson 531, Denny Zinz 519, Alvin Zinz 508, GUESTS, Chuck Reagle 545, Keith Denny 537. UNLIMITED A; Ed Kregar 518, Frank Blaine 502, GUESTS, Dan Jackson 534(jump), Alan gruver 503, Brad Feltenberger 469. BOWHUNTER UNLIMITED AA; John Poole 539, Dan Alisesky 523, Kerry Switzer 491. BOWHUNTER UNLIMITED A; John Cunningham 498, Chad Doing 488, GUEST, Gary McFarland 494. BOWHUNTER UNLIMITED B; Jerry Miller 440, GUESTS, Charles Fetterolf 468, Ron Seber 407. BAREBOW AA; Jim Laird 460, GUESTS, Ted szalewicz 233, George Szalewicz 221. TRADITIONAL RECURVE; Jim Hughes 390(new regional record). FREESTYLE A; GUEST, John Euchler 445. Thanks again to everyone. We had 32 shooters. We are having a 28 target Field shoot on July 15 at 1:00pm. We are also hosting the REGIONAL ANIMAL RD on July 29 at 1:00pm. Charlie:amen: