PSE Bow for sale Loaded READY TO HUNT!

Discussion in 'Bows for sale or trade' started by lmcgowa1, Feb 19, 2007.

  1. lmcgowa1

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    Hey I am selling my old bow because i no longer use it, it was only used for two seasons. It is a PSE nova fully loaded with: BRAND NEW string, peep sight, tru glo sight, stabilizer, wrist strap, limb savers, string silencers, detachable quiver, whisker biscuit arrow rest, and also a brand new release only used for under 20 shots. Also i can sell a hard bow case to carry it in along with it. The draw weight is 50-60lbs set now at 60, the draw length is 27-29 inches, and has a IBO rating of 290 fps. The only thing this bow needs is arrows and a hunter other than that it is ready to shoot. I want to get $200 without shipping for the whole package but i am willing to talk about it. And I am willing to sell any individual parts you may be interested in. You can reach me at [email protected] or just reply here thank you.
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    i have a marlin .22 bolt action rifle with scope the guns in great condition if willing to trade

  3. bdegarmo82089

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    i am willing to pay the 200 dollars for the full package. You can email me at [email protected] if interested.