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    I have a lightly used PSE Fireflight compound bow that I am selling. It is set at a 62 lb draw weight with a 31" draw length. I purchased the bow 4 years ago from a local bow shop and only hunted with it maybe 5 times. It has been shot no more than 100 times. I have a ton of brand new accessories that will go with the bow for the price listed. I have 9 carbon express arrows which three of them have 100 grn Muzzy broadheads on them. I have a wrist trigger release, two different style Limb saver stabliizers, and a Tru Glo 3 pin sight system with a Carolina Wisker Biscuit arrow rest. These accessories are brand new and have never been hunted with. I have invested around $500 in to it. I am looking to sell the bow as fast as I can becasue my wife and I recently had a baby and money is an issue. I will take a secure payment through Paypal or money order. I would perfer Paypal that way you get a reciept and I get one. The shipping is $35 dollars alone but will charge nothing to the first payer. Good luck and like I said first come first serve. The bow is 98% with some very minor markings. Please feel free to call me as well. Ask for Jason. Upon request I can send pictures. cell phone (772)979-0287