PSE Stinger good for beginner?

Discussion in 'Beginners Archery Range' started by slackermoney, Jul 31, 2008.

  1. slackermoney

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    Ok everyone, I need some help.

    I'm a dumb as a rock beginner when it comes to archery, so I figured I would get a group consensus before I choose my first bow.

    I went and fondled the PSE Stinger at my local Bass Pro Shops out here in Vegas, and from what I was told, it met all of the requirements that a bow should. It was comfortable, lightweight, and the price was right. ($399.99 for the combo pack).

    I most likely won't be doing any hunting, I'm looking at archery as a means of relaxation since I'm a little high strung and my guns don't help calm me down.

    Is the PSE Stinger a good match for a beginner, or should I look for something else?
  2. kbohunt

    kbohunt are u a fat boy?

    hi there

    and :welcome: to the forum
    Im a PSE Guy so im gonna say yea:lol:
    But theres alot of bows out there that will suit you and fit you
    there's a whole world of bows and products
    but for the price and what they give ya the stinger is a great rig
    especially for hunting but if your looking into target shooting only ya might wanna look around
    The stinger was built mainly for its trestand mobility and tuffness in the field with alot of add ons that the more pricey bows have on them
    with that said the stinger is a great choice either way.:rockon:

  3. Chris

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    The Stinger is a great little bow. We sell them in our shop. I spent a lot of time at the ATA show looking for a bow in this price range that was worth buying. I eliminated a lot of crap bows in my search until I cam across this one.