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    Long story short I have suddenly aquired a PSE stinger from my brothers. The bow hasn't been used to hunt ever and was used as collateral for land ownership for 6 or so months. Basically it hasn't been used at all and is in very good condition from what I see and the people from cabellas have told me. The only reason I'm selling it is because its too big for me. It's minimum draw length is 26 and I'm only a 23 to 24. I don't know my terminology well at all but I tried tiger as much info as i possibly can.
    So far I found out:
    - it's a right handed bow (unless I'm insane)
    - draw length minimum is 26, max is unknown, I think it started at 29 before they tried to fit it near my height.
    - its weight itself is 4.8 pounds
    - brace height is 6 inches or 23cm (according to what I looked up brace height is from the grip to the string)
    - I think they said the let off should be around 75%
    - no noticeable scratches or marks as it had never been used.
    - length of entire bow is approximately 88cm ( around 35 inches) (from axel to axel)
    - I can't post pictures up right now. But if you are interested pm me and I'll find a way to post some up

    I am really sorry for probably posting all the specs up in weird and probably wrong ways. I don't really know terminology well

    I'm trying to sell it for 350.00 (highest) as it hasnt been used and there is nothing wrong with it besides its too big. PM me please!!
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