PSE XLD 900 help!

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    I got this package deal for $260.

    This is a PSC XLD-900 Infinity Graphite Bow, With Machine Riser, This is a compleat package. I bought everything Brand New, because my wife was interested in target shooting and hunting. After useing this set up about 3 times she lost intrest in the whole thing. This whole package comes with the Bow ( right handed ) 27 to 29 inch Draw 40 to 50 Pound Draw weight, With 35% lit off. String Peep, Micro Adjust 4 inch overdraw, PSC 5 pin Removeable Sight Bar, 1and 1/2 dozen Easton 2013 Arrows cut to proper leight, Blue Custom Quiver with Belt and Bow carrier, Full Arm Guard, 31 inch Easton Front Stabelizer Bar. All Paper Work for Warrenty information, and this Great Custom painted Carring case to protect everything, This Compleat system was over 1.000 Dollars

    So he said "If you know just a little about Archery equipment then you no just the machined riser alone is over 300.00 dollars then with the graphite limbs.the bow alone was like 700 dollars. This setup was bought about 1 and 1/2 years ago but it was made special order and you can go to PSC "

    so im confused cuz he acted like he knew quite a bit, but keep saying "PSC"...
    Is this a good deal and if so, can someone point me in the direction of somewhere i can find specs??? Or any kind of info will be most helpful!