Question for you FITA weirdos

Discussion in 'General Archery Forum' started by Dredly, Aug 7, 2007.

  1. Dredly

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    What size target faces do you shoot at which yardages? While I'm pretty sure I can drill the X on a 122 cm target at 20 yards for some reason I don't think thats the correct yardage for that size of target.
  2. Ronhop

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    Got this from FITA's web site...

    A 122 cm target is used for the 60 m and 50 m distances.
    A 80 cm target is used for the 40 m and 30 m distances


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    Ok I resemble that remark hehehe...I love shooting those fita freakin distances. I laughed alot when I went out to 80yds and I was shocked I could actually hit the yellow. I can't wait till I can actually hit the target with our new recurve...hehe it's really alot of fun. Here are more distances and targets to match.

    You can convert the meters to yds I'm too lazy right now.

    18m 40cm target
    30 & 50M 80cm target
    60,70,80,90m 122cm target

    Here is a link to a neat website where you can print out the centers of these targets. I just tape them ontop of the appropriate target to make them last longer.