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    Ok, I have seen many loop styles. Both knots below, one above, one below, etc.

    I prefer the one above and one below the nock. But, do I tie serving knots above and below the loop knots to keep them from sliding together and pinching the nock of the arrow?
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    thats what i have done

  3. archery480

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    It does help the loop from pinching the nock
  4. glenny

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    Depends what kind of bow and release you got

    I learned alot from a couple of guys on loops,I would recomend if it's a single cam to go with both ends below the nock and serve above the nock.
    If it's a cam1/2,at the nocking point serving goes below the nock(the same size as your release throat)loop under that and then on top of nock.What this does is line the nock up perfectly with the end of your release.You can use serve anchor or small serving on top,if you choose to,but,I feel this is a good one.
    I always have them opposite of each other one tied one way the other the other,preferably if you use a release that turns or twists the loop, in that direction.
    Usually all the tention on the loop is upward and serving is placed above,serving below is unnessesary.
    I have done cushions with small serving above and below my nock,and then the loop with more cushion serving above and below the loop,reassuring that that nock was in placement everytime,but found it was overkill,it did work though,just depends how much you want to untie if you change your knocking point.
    If you choose to do these methods it will greatly increase your groups and if you aren't sure how,pm me.
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