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    I've only been viewing and on this site for about a week. Question for the bow hunters. What's more important to you speed or energy? Probably a mute question, but after being away from bow hunting for 20 yrs(raising kids) I seem to be out of sorts with all the talk of fps. Fill me in if you sssshave the time.
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    I sssshave the time......:D

    Speed and energy are usually tied together. A faster bow will produce more KE than a slower bow with the same arrow. How much speed and KE you think is necessary is another story. Indians killed buffalo with thrown spears and flint tipped arrows from sticks with strings on them.

    I think all the kinetic energy talk is for those that are obsessive compulsive and like numbers......:doh:

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    The trick is finding the happy medium. Speed is great if you can control it. You could shoot a bow at 350 fps but if you can't hit the broad side of a barn it is useless. To little energy and you loose penetration. I shoot 60lbs on my hunting rig with a 400+ grain arrow. Shot two deer this fall with it and both were complete pass thru's. If you have been out of bowhunting for that many years there is gonna be alot of options that you haven't seen before. Just remeber they used to kill all kinds of deer with sticks and stone broadheads. There are alot of great bows out there and I am not really into the speed thing as much as some folks are. I would rather sacrifice a little speed for accuracy. But that's just my opinion..... And Welcome to the Forum...:welcome:

    BUNNYMAN I pray for you!

    I agree w/both these guys........
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    I think that you will find that most of todays bows will have the speed and KE to do more than the job. In fact some of todays bows would probably have little troubel going through 2 deer.

    I agree with most everyone else, If you can't control it, it is no good. You don't have to be macho and pull 80 lbs to do the job. 60 lbs is plenty.
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    Not true a buddy of mine just shot a doe on sunday a complete pass thru then the arrow it the yearling right behind her and killed it also... It was not on purpose the yearling ran next to her right as he shot....
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    As I said I've just gotten back into this sport again. Loved it before and love it now(could easily become an obsession) Left it because I had to help raise three kids and didn't(or wasn't allowed the time I would've liked to spend on it). Anyway I bought a good average bow(compared to some of the others everybody talks about) and some(what I thought were good hunting arrows) I've taken two deer this year and I've joined an Archery Club that has a very good outside range. Practiced just about all summer and loved it. But I keep reading about all these 290 plus bows and it makes me wonder. I tested mine and it's 235 with a 390 arrow and I had two pass thru's, probably wouldn't have with my old 50% compound or recurve. I guess I'm looking for somebody to pat this old timer on the back,I don't even have a cell-phone yet.
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    Don't get all caught up on speed. I'd rather hit what I'm aiming at with a slow arrow than miss with a fast one. Haven't chrono'd mine yet but my hunting arrows are probably around the 260 mark. Slow by many standards but I've taken 5 does this year and not a single one heard or ducked my arrow. All were complete pass throughs. I'm shooting 56 lbs with expandables (Tekan II's).
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    Is there such a thing as deer veal?
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    Ha there RG.

    First off :welcome: to the forum.
    You could call me an old timer Kinda been shootin bows 30years and
    I will give ya a pat on the back for stickin to a sport that a few individuals still love and live.:D
    and the old bows you could still get good pass-thrus ya just had to know how ta get the pop out of them.
    20 years ago i hunted with a PSE-Jet Flight express at 70lbs shot a 5in overdraw and 2213 shafts at 22inchs and was shootin thru the crono at 280fps and thru most of the deer i shot.
    Anyway speed isnt everything a bow these days has to fit.
    it will already be fast enough just back in tha day you had to make it fast enough.:wave: