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    How di I determine what lenth arrows to use with my compund bow ; & what is the rod I see that protrudes to the rear of some compound bows ?
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    Your arrow weight and length are basically determined by your draw length and draw weight. The must be splined correctly. Depending on what type of rest you're using and even to a degree on the type of tips also may come into play.. Some people feel better with a little extra length when they are shooting broadheads.

    A good site to go to and read is at "Huntersfriend" and read under their "technical Help" section.

    Read all that you can and one of the best pieces of advice I can give is to go to a "Pro Shop" and talk with them and get your first set of arrows there. They will show you differant arrows and size them correctly. Also have them check your bow and draw length. They usually have a special arrow shaft that is marked in increments that you draw back and it will tell you what length you need and charts to tell you what spline. If they don't want to spend a little extra time with you on it then you not only learned a little but also learned not to deal with them. Better safe than sorry.

    You have now entered into the world of Archery Addiction but also into a world of fun and frustration. Keep shooting and have fun.

    The rod you see protruding from the back of the riser could either be a cable guard rod or a sting stop or a combination of both. If it has your cables coming down to it and a cable slide on it is your cable guard rod. (probabaly what you're talking about) or if it is independent and has a rubber stop on the end and your string rests on it then it's a SST or string stopper to reduce vibration of your string. Or it could be a combination of both.

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    I agree with above. And as far as cutting your own arrows if you dont have an ARROW SAW dont try it you will ruin your arrows and may even get injured in the process. Have a shop or good buddy that makes arrows help you with this.

    And also you may be seeing a rear weight stablizer. But I think you are talking about the STS (string stop scilencer)since most bows are using them now.