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  1. :welcome:

    New to 3d shoots.com, but not new to the game!

    featuring all BCY colors
    All 452 X
    will be offering 8125 in the near future

    *not only can you pick your color, but you may tell me how many strands you would like. Furthermore, I will need to get your nock style so that I can insure a custom fit nock. I can get really special and measure the size of your cams and take the measurements so the string will have as little serving as possible.

    *If you would like, when you send your payment you may send your old string with white marks where you would like the serving to begin and end.

    *All sizes and makes availible, this includes teardrop, crossbow, flemish twist, olympic recurve, single, double, and hybrid cams.

    ****I can also get any material your heart desires, this may take a touch longer because I will need to order it. In stock I have dyneema 02 white, yellow flo, black.

    my strings currently hold a Wisconsin State Record and have taken one young man to the Junior United States Archery team!

    prices: $40 shipped to your door , extra 10 dollars for overnight shipping!
    pm me for fast results or call either of us for quicker results
    Rich at 608 317 7661
    Anthony at 608 317 4044